Artist Statement

The essence of art is in the making of it, involving total engagement with unconscious creative energy, perception and intuition. It involves the taking of risks and pushing through the tension between control and surrender. My work is inspired by the infinite patterns within nature and by music, experimentation and imagination.

Often beginning with chaos, I am captivated by the evolution towards order, beauty and hopefully some meaning and/or emotion. Forms emerge spontaneously. I like to work with transparent and translucent pigments to enhance luminosity, and with serendipitous layering, to build a sense of mystery. When the painting takes on a life and vitality of it’s own, it is finished.

At other times I simply love to play and experiment just for the fun and curiosity of exploration, perhaps stumbling upon the landscape of the soul. Many times my focus is so engrossed that I am unable to recall exactly how the image came into being. My sense of time and self fall away, replaced by a feeling of spaciousness that comes with being present in the moment. The universe and the inner world are infinitely rich and I feel blessed to be able to follow my passion.

Some of the artists who have influenced my work include Chagall, Lawren Harris, Paul Klee, Oscar Cahen, Emilie Carr, Kandinsky, and Van Gogh and many others from the twentieth century. Musical influences which inspire much of my work range from the classical, ethnic, folk traditions to contemporary indie music.